Friday, March 13, 2009

i believe.

i believe,
in the supreme being above,
even when i can't see him with eyes blinded by his light.
in the happiness of love,
even when i'm left lonely, with a broken heart.

i believe,
in compassion and humanity,
even as man brutally kills and guiltless lies.
in the heaven above,
even when the flames of hell burn in his devils eyes.

i believe,
in the glory of victory,
even when i suffer the loss of helpless defeat.
in the flawlessness of the truth,
even if i'm surrounded by deceit and untrue lies.

i believe,
in the dawn of tomorrow,
even if the darkness of the night drowns the light.
in the beauty of life,
even when the ugly face of death wrecks fear in my heart.

i believe,
in miracles,
even if science explains my confusion,

cause i believe,
the fabric of reality is woven,
with nothing but the threads of an illusion.

the jinx.

P.S. Hani,
love you for making this poem better.