Tuesday, April 13, 2010


"It came to me on an evening's dawn,
but now, it's taking form.
you'll get to see a piece of me growing,
being born..."

lost to a sunlit haze,
bleeding breath, ohh glory blaze...
like the brighter red,
were pit against a burning black,
king of the cards,
still just part of the stack...

fleeting glee, a screaming wind,
regardless, what might have been...
Ohh how she glows,
the scarred moon in that sky...
giving even the night in itself,
a reason, come alive...

to the floor, a house of cards,
a plea for peace to a raging war...
like on a worn piece of hope,
were a letter written to the god,
torn to shreds, yet hanging on,
the will of a man burnt, but reborn...