Tuesday, April 21, 2009

through my eyes...

to my dear dear Hani,

in awe I had stood,
when I had first encountered her beauty…
with delicate strokes and vibrant colours,
she had been brought to life…
her beauty had been chiseled with such tender love,
that it had made the Mona Lisa smile…

to the canvas on which she was born,
she had never failed to show love and grace…
and the wall that bore her with pride,
she had forever held in a loyal and loving embrace…

meaning and depth she had added,
to the strong wall that she had adorned…
radiating happiness and peace,
in every ray of light,
to every soul that the light had found…

to the eyes red with tears,
she had given relief from the tiring despair…
and with eyes open to a different truth,
she had shared a vision that was unseen and rare…

she had shown wisdom to the seeking eyes,
of belief and faith, and the strength to bear…
yet, humble she had always been,
of her greatness, keeping herself unaware…

in awe I still stand,
cause every day as I see her,
I still see in her, a different shade emerge…

Saturday, April 18, 2009

of peaches and apples...

she’d broken into his garden,
broken in and lived there for ever long…
living off peaches and apples,
peaches and apples from his garden…

he was the caretaker for that garden,
looking after the garden had been his job,
wandering through the compound,
getting rid of the things that didn’t belong…

he’d caught glimpses of her off and on,
glimpses that somehow, had brought to him a smile,
a smile so intoxicating that he couldn’t rid her,
rid her from his garden, do what he’d been assigned…

fond of her close yet so distant company,
he chose to let her be for the while,
deciding to let the time pass as it would,
postponing his duties, as long as he could…

unaware of the unfortunate truth,
she believed that it was for her that he cared,
slowly growing fond of his presence,
she looked at him, as her savior in despair…

she didn’t look for any other place to go,
the truth about him she hadn’t known,
but then it had all, as slated, taken a twist,
when the owner to check, had made his trip…

the owner of this garden, of peaches and apples,
fired the caretaker, and questioned his decision,
asking him for the truth and an explanation…
it was simple, the caretaker admitted his fault,
and promised to fix what had gone wrong…

peeking from behind a tree, she had heard them talk,
and as she realized the truth, she barely eluded a fall.
there she was left, with her fate quite clear,
she had to leave the garden, go farther than near…

leaving the garden wasn’t really a problem,
to her the peaches and apples weren’t so dear…
she could find somewhere to be,
she could easily figure somewhere to go…

but then, she is the only one who knows,
she’d fallen prey to the cupid’s arrow,
the arrow that had taken her, but left him alone…

Thursday, April 16, 2009

a letter to her...

when the soles of these feet are worn,
and my rainbow still seems far away,
could you hold me in your arms,
and tell me I’m strong, be my strength?

if my heart’s running from this world,
and my feet have forgotten the way,
could you hold my hand to never let go,
and bring me back, show me where’s home?

should I lose my mind, forget how to trust,
and break your heart to cause you hurt,
could you pardon me the sentence of hate,
still believe in our love and remind me the same?

when my time comes, the reaper’s call,
and my body surrenders it’s last breath,
could you save me a little space in your garden,
where, in peace my soul could forever rest?

I used to wonder if I could live without you,
when the only music to my soul is the sound of your voice,

but now I’m sure I can’t live without you,
cause it is only to the rhythm of your loving heart,
that my feet have know to dance…

Friday, March 13, 2009

i believe.

i believe,
in the supreme being above,
even when i can't see him with eyes blinded by his light.
in the happiness of love,
even when i'm left lonely, with a broken heart.

i believe,
in compassion and humanity,
even as man brutally kills and guiltless lies.
in the heaven above,
even when the flames of hell burn in his devils eyes.

i believe,
in the glory of victory,
even when i suffer the loss of helpless defeat.
in the flawlessness of the truth,
even if i'm surrounded by deceit and untrue lies.

i believe,
in the dawn of tomorrow,
even if the darkness of the night drowns the light.
in the beauty of life,
even when the ugly face of death wrecks fear in my heart.

i believe,
in miracles,
even if science explains my confusion,

cause i believe,
the fabric of reality is woven,
with nothing but the threads of an illusion.

the jinx.

P.S. Hani,
love you for making this poem better.

Friday, February 27, 2009


No, I’m not calling out to my dog! And no, neither am I calling out to my guinea pig. Before you start imagining what else I’m talking about here, let me tell you, I’m talking about one of my best friends. Should your imagination run wild again, calm down and relax. He’s a pure-bred human. Acts like an animal sometimes, but don’t let that mislead you. He’s definitely human!

Okay fine, enough of taking his case. I’m sure he’s cursing me now, but I also am sure that he’ll be on his way here to save me, if I call saying, “I’m in trouble.” God bless you dude!

To say the least, he’s one of the best people I’ve ever met. He totally rocks man! he’s so patient, that he’ll sit before his computer for days, waiting for it to read his mind, and do what he want it to, before he loses his patience and gets off his lazy bum to type the command instead. That’s him! Patiently lazy! Where do you find guys like those now!

When you first meet him, you’ll be thinking to yourself, “Nice guy man, he’s seems so sober and quiet.” But boy, are you in for a surprise or what! He might seem very quiet and sober, but that’s probably the worst judgment you’ll ever make of him! He’s mad enough to make a mental hospital full of about thirty thousand mad-men, look like the annual meeting of the Intellectual’s Art Society! Don’t be surprised if you find him talking about drifting on a road-roller, in the middle of a damn stadium! That’s like his biggest dream. Crazy is an understatement, if you’re using the word to describe him.

Ask him about his girlfriend, and he’ll tell you, “She’s Italian.” And by the time you’re done digesting the fact that such an ugly looking dude can get an Italian woman to go out with him, he’ll say, “and she weighs about 1.2 tonnes only!” Before you can even try to imagine what she looks like, he’ll say, “She’s the most beautiful lady he’s ever seen in his life!” I’m sure, by the time he has said this much, you are already considering the fact that this dude is mentally unstable. But don’t worry; he’s only slightly screwed in the head. He’ll soon be telling you that he’s talking about his “baby”, that is, his car! Don’t be scared if you sometimes see him planting a kiss on his car’s bonnet. It’s all an everyday thing for bumpy!

Well, one big warning! If you see him driving, don’t, under any circumstance drive behind him and honk like a mad man. He won’t do much. He’ll simply follow you till land’s end, and keep honking while on the way there! He’ll neither overtake you, nor let you speed away. He’ll just stay behind you, honking away to glory, with a smirk on his face that’ll scare even the damn devil!

With all that said, I can’t say that there is no more. There’s definitely a lot more to say. But I guess it’ll be too much information to digest at one go. But, there’ll be a continuation soon.

P.S.: Bumpy,
We love you!
you’re the best!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

remember this my friend...

Your loss is not just yours, but ours. As much as I want to say, “I understand”, I can’t. But I will yet say that the loss is ours. At this time, as you grieve; amidst the melancholy of your conflicting thoughts, there are a few things that I must remind you. Things that you must never forget.

Your grieving is justified. I join you in your grief. You must grieve, I would. But when you are done grieving, you must remember what I’m about to say.

She’s happy, wherever she is. And she loves you. She always did, and she always will. You love her, and that’s all that ever mattered to her. She knew your love was sincere and nothing but true. Sometimes, what happens seems unjust and cruel. But remember, there is no such thing as coincidence. There’s only providence! What happened was slated to happen. You did all that you could, and more. She knows that. She would never forget.

I know she taught you a lot of things, made you the person you are. Remember, the best way to pay her back, is to make the best of all that she taught you. Wish her good morning, every dawn; good night, every time you sleep. Remember, she’s watching over you. She will never let you be alone. You are, and will always be a part of her. Just the way, she will always be a part of you.

Remember to be happy. That’s all that she would’ve ever wanted from you.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The bad lawyer.

The first time he saw her, he was done for. She had an aura, a presence, something. He never could tell what it was, but the thought of her made him smile. She was the only person who read him the way she did. Without him saying even a word, she had figured out things about him that he hadn't even admitted to the best of his friends, or if to say a little more hadn’t admitted to anyone on this planet.

When she told him what she really thought of him, he was taken aback. Not because he hadn’t expected her to say nice things, but he’d never in his life ever thought, that anyone could read him the way she had. He freaked out, and how! For a few minutes, his brain had gone numb. This guy, who kept his real self such a closely guarded secret, was suddenly out there in the open, with no cover, no illusions to hide behind, just out there in the open, naked, stripped of his armor and robbed of his artillery. He was scared, petrified actually. Scared that he was done for, shocked that something like this could be happening to him.

He was a very private person, on the inside that is. On the surface he was this guy who was friendly, crazy, someone who people thought, they knew everything about. He quite liked to keep it that way. He wasn’t your regular guy. He was different. The way he thought, the way he spoke, the way he saw things, he was different in every way known to man. And he knew that his ideas, his perspective and his thoughts, were such that people couldn’t even understand, forget accept them. The day he realized this, he changed. Not from within, but from the outside. He started wearing a mask that he never took off or only took off partially when with some people, the very few people that he trusted. His world was for himself only. People weren’t allowed there, they weren’t ever let in. But then, she came along and stormed in without invitation.

He was an engineer by profession, but a musician and an artist by heart. She was a lawyer, “the bad lawyer”, as he called her, and an artist. After getting over the shock of what she knew about him, his brain had finally started to lose the numbness that had held his brain captive, he started to think. He never did believe in coincidence. He always said, “There is no such thing as coincidence, there’s only providence.” At that moment he realized, his heart had intervened. Intervened and how! His heart had fallen, fallen in love. In love with this angel. This “bad lawyer”! She hadn’t needed to do much. By just being around, she made him feel secure. He was addicted. He knew that he wouldn’t live that happy life that he craved for, without her. She was his happiness now. She was his angel. He knew what he had to do. And he did, much to her shock, he asked her to spend her life with him.

But the great man up there had different scenes planned for this story. She was shocked at his proposal. She always thought that he was too practical and too calculative to do anything of this sort. She had always had a feeling that he liked her, but never did she imagine that he could love her. Wrong as she was, he always had followed his heart. He’d never done anything in his life that his heart hadn’t approved of, nor had he ever not done something that his heart had prescribed. But she didn’t know that about him. She was surprised, but pleasantly. Unfortunately for her, by the time all of this had happened, she’d grown quite fond of him. She’d gotten used to the security that she felt when he was around. He had become more integral and essential a part of her life than she had decided she would make him. She loved the sound of his voice. Loved the way he treated her. Loved the way he made her blush. And most of all, missed the way he’d hold her if he were there, with her.

But yet she was scared. Scared because it seemed too perfect to be true. She couldn’t really ever admit, not even to herself that she loved him. But she couldn’t let him go either. She had no choice. She knew she wouldn’t be able to live without him. She asked him for time. He gave her what she asked for, like always. He had a weakness. He never denied her anything, never could actually.
And from that fateful day, she’s been fighting. Fighting a case she had already lost even before she had taken it up. Not that she didn’t know this, but she took it up anyway. And she fought! Fought to win. Fought for their love. And fought for the life that she wanted to have with him. And that’s where she got her name, “the bad lawyer”.

She never realized that she already had everything that she ever could have dreamed off. And she knew it better than anyone else that she had fallen in love with a man who’d never let her down, who would give his life, if only for her happiness.
But she yet fights the case, “the bad lawyer” that she is!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

the "illusion"

footprints in the sand,
blown away by the indifferent wind,
a sandcastle on the shore,
standing against the wrath of the tide,
as destiny written,
judgment of fate,
the glory, in denial,
would but sink.

the darkness, the glory of the night,
shattered by the un-intent arrogance of the light,
the flow of the mighty river, hindered,
withering the pebble,
audacious, not arrogant, ignorant,
yet choosing to fight.

the power of sight,
clowded by the lack of vision,
failing to see the eyes of the blind,
a wish tied to the tail of a shooting star,
overshadowing, a lesson lost in the dim moonlight,
the truth behind the illusion,
the journey,

is but the destination!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

lest i forget...

Even the devil can lose his soul,

Hollowness can make an empty space, a whole.

Even a right can do a wrong,

But there’s hope even if you think it’s gone…

A beginning must come to an end,

And compassion must once meet hate.

Even the light must see the dark,

To learn that it must sustain…

The sun must, also see the shadows,

And the fullness will, but see the hollows,

The truth must at least, once get lost in a lie,

To learn why to live,

Not give up and die…

An answer must surely meet a question,

And an error, should meet perfection,

Cause sometimes, the only way to happiness,

Is to breakdown and cry…

Sunday, February 8, 2009

if i knew better...

dont make me wait,
dont say its too late!
if i said i would,
i wish even you could!

if i didn't know better,
i would've let you go!
but if i was wrong,
i hadnt wished to know.

if things went astray,
i had still, but stayed.
i'd promised you each day,
every breath, all the way.

i wish you'd let me talk,
hear what i have to say,
it might not seem like much...

but, i love you!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

the "jinx"

Disclaimer : As much as i wish i could take the credit for this one, but i cant!
This article is the best gift i've ever gotten. A dear dear friend wrote this for me...
wishing that you all enjoy it as much as i do!

Take a day off from work (which I know you wouldn’t but I presume that you did for a change) and step out of your house. Walk into a nearby eating joint but make sure that it is the best in your locality. Grab a seat near the table at one end of the joint with a nice view of the outside world. Look out for a nearby table full of variable junk and a nice big jug-sized coffee crème, not to forget, the person most enthusiastically digging in. That’s him! (Wow that was quick...) If you truly are unemployed for the day, you will observe his style of relishing, his expressions while devouring huge chunks of food and that look of pure pleasure while taking huge draughts of crème. This will prove that you have ears sensitive at the drop of a hat: that is when he says “tension nahi leneka, coffee peeneka!” To add to it, only someone as stupid as you would even think of something like ‘oh how I wish I were that cool…’ :P
My apologies for a start as gibberish as such, but with my present situation I have the creativity of a hungry raven. I will not make excuses of suffering from a ‘writers’ block (which I am) for the reason that after a considerably prolonged break of nearly three months, I have ended up writing ‘something’ to assure myself that I can write. Free grammatical rectification accepted provided it is within the 26- letter range. (Sorry, I have zero knowledge of short-hand)
Coming back to the topic, presuming all that I ideally expect from you in such a circumstance, and skipping your introduction to him (don’t think too much, he may not like you at all!), you will have a great time hogging and chatting about worldly things. Mention bikes and he will jump on your head and rave about his favorites’, till your brain comes popping out. Talk about music and he may start humming (carry a stack of ear plugs, he’s no Bryan Adams) tunes you may or may not be acquainted with. (Be a music buff or you wouldn’t get to hear a major part of his life) If you are a guy, he will show you his system and explain how it works. (Be a gentleman and say ‘sexy’). If you haven’t explored Goa yet, you are not living a life! Don’t forget to mention books and don’t be surprised if he mentions godfather and scares you off your seat (maybe I am exaggerating, but he does get that perky at times). You can end your conversation and leave the games part for the next session. (I have little interest in talking about his special bondage with computer games).
If you are a girl, you will be lucky enough to experience all of this. If you are a dear friend, he will do anything to help you out in crisis or in troubled times. If you think too much, then you may think that he doesn’t care enough. You will get to see him once in a blue moon, but you will never face scarcity of assurances. He will indulge in your happiness and multiply them and at the same time, guide you through your grief. His honesty will compel you to respect him as an individual and the relation he chooses to preserve with you. If you propose to him, he will consider you provided he is single, no matter what emotional trauma he is going through (if he is). Even if it doesn’t work, he will see to it that you are timely consoled and helped in the best possible way. After that, he will still respect your feelings for him and be the way he has always been with you. You can always count on his support throughout your life.
If he pesters you for your opinion about his newly composed tune or a poem, don’t just smile and say ‘it’s good!’ Use your creative head to convey the same in a different manner to shut him up. Patiently hear when he plays his six strings on the phone; even if you talk he won’t listen to you. Don’t worry, all of that will be followed by a sweet apology. But that will happen only if you let him jerk around a bit..!

if heaven i have seen...

the sun sets,
amidst the dark clouds...
a black night,
and a longing for love.

the rain keeps falling,
as i walk on by...
a lifetime passes in a moment,
as i meet you eye to eye.

if heaven i have seen,
i swear it was in your eyes...
for, you i cant forget,
as long as i'm alive.

the darkness i cant take,
now that i've seen the sunrise...
it's a moment with you i want,
dont need an entire life.

"thank you."

to a dear friend,

for the times you were there,
but i never acknowledged your presence...
thank you.

for the times you tried,
to make me happy even when you were sad...
thank you.

for believing in me,
when i'd lost faith myself...
thank you

for the times we shared
thank you.

the jinx.

Monday, February 2, 2009

a lil' bit of me...

an open book,
and a story untold.
an empty hand,
and a watch that's old.

a guitar 'cross the shoulders,
and the music in my veins.
a ride that touches my heart,
and my soul, wet in the rains.

a string of hope,
and the ties of love.
a little bit of faith,
and the heaven above.

a shooting-star,
and the moon overhead.
a ray of sunshine,
and my unmade bed.

a heart that fails to stop,
and the untrue lie.
a promise unkept,
and the unsaid goodbye.